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Apartment Horansky

Horanszky u. 1, Budapest, 1085, Hungary

Review:  Booking apartments on the internet at the last minute should be a simple exercise, however no matter how automated a system there will always be a human element and this is where things go wrong. Arriving at our second apartment in Budapest (we stayed due to a chance meeting with a semi pro hockey player and his family over from Canada with whom we shared far too many beers to contemplate moving anywhere on a train... walking proved a difficult enough exercise..) we found ourselves in a very spacious 1930's style flat which more than suited our needs of sleep, bathroom and kitchen. This lasted 3 hours as the fateful knock on the door came and the apartment had been double booked due to the manual intervention of the owner at the last minute. Being 'nice' people and now not quite so hung over we agreed to move to a room in another building which can best be described as a work in progress. Huge space...vacant except a large old style TV, 2 chairs, 1 table, 1 toaster, 1 jug and a bed. That is all... When finished this will make for a lovely little bedsit apartment, but as it stands.. there is work to be done.

Rating 2.5/5 (Boosted by the owner being so sorry for his mistake we stayed for free!..This is good customer service.)

Pros: Location (right near a trendy spot in central Pest), Wi-Fi connection, quiet, clean.

Cons: No furniture or cups or plates etc, variable Wi-Fi quality from mediocre to hopeless, sewerage smell emitting from the toilet (work required on sewerage system) and the TV gets 3 abominable Hungarian TV stations... Big Brother in Hungarian really is just as bad!

The Travel Room Rating:

2.5 out of 5 stars

Good customer service, if nothing else

Above: The bedroom, reasonable bed but linen too small to cover it!
Left: The bathroom; light worked intermittently so often dark and a bit smelly!
Right: The kitchen was bare!

Reviewed Feb 2012

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Where to book: We booked at were supposed to have paid 8.80(!!) a night (Feb 2012); though we booked the Horansky Apartment and stayed in a bedsit in another building around the corner.

How to get there: The apartment is very central, walking distance from the Astoria metro tube.

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